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People new to importing can often find that safely shipment of products is a stressful task. Even for large companies, it is an area that can take long hours to valuate. We can help you relieve your stress, burden and giving the business freedom to take care of other things and sell more products.

Save Time & Money

We can help and take care of all the importing and shipping steps for your business, save your frustration of dealing with multiple companies, and help translating difficult languages.

Shipping Terminology

It is very important that you understand all the terms regarding shipment. This is a crucial step to avoid mistakes and it can be very expensive. Here we are to help you out from the confusion you may have for the process, and guide you to take wise decisions.

Customs Duty

Duty Tax differs from country to country and even product to product. Knowing all the things clearly is not a cup of tea for an individual unless you have access to expert.

Most products that come from Australia have been charged 0% or 5% Customs Duty Tax, but rates can be higher for many products, plus you may have to incur some extra charges in this area which can make quite a difference to your budget. We will send a detailed model to our customs specialists so that you can get a more accurate duty quote.

Accurate Shipping Costs

Assisting your company with very accurate estimates of customs clearance, insurance, shipping, GST associated with your import items, and giving you an accurate price per item are also in our list.

Foreign Currency Payments

If you are not dealing regularly in this area, it can become very time consuming and a source of stress and worry. We deal with payments and transactions between currencies every day and can perform these transactions for you. We cannot control currency fluctuations, but we can prepare you ahead of time and protect you from many of the variations that normally occur. In many cases we can give you a fixed price on your order.

Sea or Air

Most shipments travel by sea, but in some cases air-freight can be a faster option if products need to be here on time. This decision needs to be made early in the process and will greatly affect your budget. We can send you information about the costs involved early in your project, so that you can avoid spending money made with bad freight decisions.

Full Container or Part Container

Shipping costs will vary product to product, depending on the size and value of the item to be shipped. If you want to get half of a container loaded, it gets more expensive with handling charges as these are measured per cubic meter. Using our shipping calculator, we can help your company choose the best shipment size to bring in, and the best shipping method so that you can avoid all the unnecessary freight costs.