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China Buying Service

If you are looking for the overseas supplier but you don’t know how to find or deal with them or the processing regarding product shipment, then you are in the right place. Our Buying Service is here to help you out of it. We can work directly with the supplier that you have chosen to help you in saving time and money. An overseas supplier often does not have a solid concept of the safety requirements for products, and they are often not aware of all the local port and shipping charges associated with processing and importing your shipment to your country. To save your headache, we can:

• Help you find the best supplier, or deal with the one that you have already chosen
• Negotiate and communicate with the supplier to get you the best price.
• Book the international freight with our many agents in china.
• Add quality control to ensure product standards.
• Take care of all the details of customs clearance, importing & foreign currency exchange.
• Arrange door to door delivery of the goods once at destination port.


China Sourcing Service

Sourcing quality customized goods from overseas adds new layers of complexity rather than just buying an existing readymade product. It is very important to communicate clearly so that you can get very detailed specifications with a great attention. Without checking through, you would have some risk concerning design and development that may lead to the lacking of specifications. Well then the “the China factor” issue comes up. By communicating what you exactly want, we can communicate that directly to the factory in their language and follow up with checks to ensure everyone remains on the same page. We will make sure that what you ordered is what you get.

Our Product sourcing services is not only a cost-cutting action, but also a major integrated strategy. Which involve:

• Supplier identification and background security checks
• Suppliers co-ordination and deployment.
• Product Quality control
• Raw material quality management
• Order Management and Delivery
• Export/import documentation and Clearance

• Professional support in cross cultural communication and management environment.
• Ongoing support on quality assurance service, logistics and trade management etc.
• Low cost and risk supplier sourcing
• New supplier identified and credit checked

• Electronic Assemblies
• Stamping Parts
• Plastic Molding & Tooling
• Metal Fabrication
• Dye Casting
• Precision Machining
• Mirror & Glass
• Electric Hardware and machinery

• Electronic appliance and devices
• Garden, farm tools and equipment
• Consumer products, including stationary, kitchenware, lighting etc.
• Textile
• Automotive parts

Our Main Focus is to find you the best quality and best priced factory for your products to be produced, based on your projected order size. This is relevant for new innovations, to avoid ending up having a large amount of stock with nowhere for it to be sold.

Once we have all of the above sorted, we can go ahead and start researching for the right manufacturer. We have a large portfolio of factories that we have built up over the last 15 years with the experience of working with Australia and all across Asia. If your product needs a specialist skillset that we do not already have accessed to, we can research for a good manufacturer match for you and your products.